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True Romance

The reason true romance is nearly dead in this generation is that people have forgotten the difference between love and romance. Individuals begin with concepts born out of sappy movies and penny-novelettes, confuse one with the other, and claim sorrow when they are hurt by their own unachievable expectations. The truth, which few poets, actors, and authors bother to tell us is that romance is individualistic and not idealistic.

People love to be on a mission with romance, and it is often their last hope. Most thinkers insist that this incessant search for a partner is deep-seated in the insecurity and fear of loneliness, whereas others argue that insecurity is what constant longing leads too. The answer probably lies in the fact that these two aspects of human life are mutually inseparable, and, at times, one can be both the cause and the effect. In the face of all this, people are forced to question where does true romance lie, and in what capacity are they to seek it. This is an enigma that has haunted humanity ever since the idea of romance was conceived and people began to approach love as a science, leaving out instincts and relying up on reasoning.

The only way to approach to romance is to realize that answers cannot and should not be sought outside the self. The answers are present inside each individual. The interpretation of love and romance should only be derived from personal insight, as every other mode of answering is false and deceptive.

Romance is the behavioral response to the feeling of love. The two are not the same technically, but if people choose to see them as such, it is entirely their call. Very often, true romance is viewed as sexual excitation and attachment, or, at other times, it takes the form of dependence on a particular person. Every such view requires a unique gratification, and, thus, the definition of true romance varies from person to person. However, this satisfaction is related to a clear understanding of personal romantic expectations. Individuals cannot be satisfied with dates and kisses when what they really want is intimacy. Seeking gratification of even the most morbid form of romance is not wrong until it hurts another living being.

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you shall above all things be glad and young

you shall above all things be glad and young
For if you’re young,whatever life you wear

it will become you;and if you are glad
whatever’s living will yourself become.
Girlboys may nothing more than boygirls need:
i can entirely her only love

whose any mystery makes every man’s
flesh put space on;and his mind take off time

that you should ever think,may god forbid
and (in his mercy) your true lover spare:
for that way knowledge lies,the foetal grave
called progress,and negation’s dead undoom.

I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance

— e.e. cummings

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Are You After Romance With Your Guy, But Simply Cannot Find Romance?

Are you feeling that the love that you have once experienced is almost gone? Do you want to know where that romance is? In fact, due to the working lifestyles nowadays and the pressure from other factors, it is very difficult to find romance in a relationship. But does that mean that romance has abandoned you? Don't you think that you deserve romance?

Many people may ask what exactly romance is. Romance is something that is important to a relationship. It is something that adds sparkle to your life, adding real excitement. However, do not treat romance as sex. Romance can be very little things in life, such as surprise gifts, moonlit walks or just a simple hug!

To many women, romance is very important to a relationship. This is true. In fact, many guys felt the same way. But many guys do not know how to show or express romance. Thus, for a woman who is looking for constant romance, do not expect your guy to do all these romantic stuff. Sometimes, you may need to tell him what you love, so that he will know you better, and create the romance that you desire.

Women are generally multi-faceted, and they want to express those facets that please them. They can be a gentle girl today, and a seductive lady on the other day. Other than the normal dating stuff of having a dinner, or the normal family life of security, women desire a sense of romance every day that can add excitement to their life.

Thus, in order to create the romance that you desire, you need to take actions. Do not just rely on the guy, as you will find the romance flames getting less and less.

Why not take a proactive approach and tell your guy what you like? Go ahead and tell him what you love. Of course, make it simple. Surveys have found that simple acts are in fact the true essence of romance.

You can create romance like giving him a surprise gift, or give him a massage on the shoulder. You can also take a simple walk with him after work, and just talk about anything under the moonlight.

The important thing to create romance is to have fun. Do not take it too seriously, and do not think about your office work during that time. Many distractions from work can demolish the romance.

Connect with your guy in a fun and simple way, and you will find romance on your way.

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The Ralph Lauren Romance Connection

In the mood for a little romance? If so, then check out the Ralph Lauren romance line of fragrance offered by the man himself. Lauren introduced the Ralph Lauren romance line in 1998 and now the fragrance is available for both men and women.

The Ralph Lauren romance Eau de Toilette spray for men is available for $45 to $65 a bottle, but this popular blend of spicy and exotic is extremely popular with the ladies. The masculine blend of crisp freshness with musky overtones makes it a very irresistible scent.

This Ralph Lauren romance spray is also available in two different sizes, at 1.7 ounces and 3.4 ounce glass containers.

The women's version of Ralph Lauren romance is an enticing blend of flowers such as marigold, violet and rose, mixed with definite hints of ginger, oak moss and musk, producing an enthralling scent that will have any man pause in appreciation.

These two Ralph Lauren romance fragrances are meant for evening wear and will add a bit of class to any evening outfit or event.

Ralph Lauren romance perfume for women comes in several different bath and body products, as well as perfumes and sprays. A 1.7 ounce bottle of Ralph Lauren romance spray will run shoppers about $50, while the 3.4 ounce size will run about $70.

The Ralph Lauren romance collection bath and body offers are just as popular, with a women's deodorant spray that costs about $30 for a 3.4-ounce supply.

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If you want to complete the Ralph Lauren romance experience, then consider also purchasing the Ralph Lauren romance body moisturizer, which can be obtained for about $40 for a 6.7-ounce size container.

Ralph Lauren romance collection fragrances are an exquisite treat to pamper any woman or man and everyone appreciates such a fine gift for any occasion.

Available at most major department stores, the Ralph Lauren romance collection of body sprays, creams and fragrances are within most budgets, and if used sparingly, can last anywhere from six months to a year, making it very affordable in the long run.

The Ralph Lauren romance line is a perfect accent to his line of evening wear and accessories, bringing a hint of elegance and class to anyone wearing his creations.

While Ralph Lauren has created other scents, perfumes and fragrances for men and women, his Ralph Lauren romance line is by far the most popular, and nearly every style and fashion magazine advertises this enticing and attractive line of fragrance.

Both men and women, young and not so young alike can wear the Ralph Lauren romance fragrances, making it a true genderless, ageless, and very popular choice for many.

The next time you're browsing in the department store, go ahead and stop by the fragrance counter and check out the Ralph Lauren romance line of fragrances.

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What the Romance Wiki Has to Offer

All people want to know more when it comes to romance. On the Internet, there is a place you can go to learn more about romance. This is the romance wiki. It is a site that provides information on what romance is all about. Therefore, if you find yourself curious about love and romance, romance wiki is the site to visit. Among many other things, you will get to learn the various definitions of romance. People view it in a different way and, it is exciting to learn some of the things that compose or constitute romance. You will then get an overview of romance and how it is practiced in society. It is here that you will learn to appreciate the role of romance. People never realize how important romance is to us. They never realize that this is the bond that holds together a relationship even a marital relationship. Romance is the constant yearning for love and affection and, when this is fulfilled in the right manner, romance will create a strong bond in the relationship.

The romance wiki will provide details of how you can show it to your partner. It is not always obvious to find ways to show love but, the wiki will provide some of the things that have been proven to work when it comes to love and affection. You can always be assured of getting new insights when it comes to the romance wiki. New insight is what all people are looking for and, you will definitely be excited to discover awesome things about romance. Let as put romance into perspective. The definition that is most popular is as follows. It is the mutual show of concern and love to your partner. It is not mainly the things you do for the sake of doing them, it is for the things that you love and have a feeling for in your heart. This is to say that any show of romance has to be genuine and pure, if you want it to make the right impact. It does not have to be just spoken. You can show love through the things you do. It is vital to strike a balance and know what will make the greatest impact.

The romance wiki will provide you with many of the details that you need to know about. Make sure to take all the tips about the romance to heart. You will not only improve your relationships but, you will also get to improve your own life. When your partner is happy, you are also happy and there is no question about this. When you are talking, why not fill your words with compliments and even sweet words. It is not just what you say but how you say it. There has been a misconception that men are the only people with the responsibility of showing romance. There is nothing further from the truth and, showing romance is the responsibility of both the woman and man. Have fun as you show romance to your partner.

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Classic Hollywood Romances - Celebrating A Rainbow Of Life With The Varied Hues Of Love!

Well, does anyone of us ever come to think of Hollywood's most memorable romance classics spanning decades? As an ardent admirer of romance and the alluring Hollywood musicals, I unmistakably feel my pulses rising with the sheer magic and aura of the timeless romances portrayed so very lovingly in the silver screen of the yesteryears. Be it the ever-touching saga of star-crossed lovers meeting during wartime under the Moorish arches of Rick's Café American in "Casablanca", or the sweeping melodrama, "Gone With The Wind"-- based on Margaret Mitchell's bestselling Civil War epic (which defined the term "Hollywood blockbuster"), I have an insatiable appetite for each of them.

Oh how can I ever forget the sweeping emotions of the magic of a shipboard romance which charms a Frenchman and American woman (Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne, respectively) into each other's arms in the ever-memorable "Love Affair"? Or do you remember that phenomenal romance between Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in "An Affair To Remember", where a man and a woman meet on a ship crossing an ocean and fall in love, only to part ways, promising to meet dramatically on the top of Empire State Building, New York (which unfortunately, doesn't happen later)? Equally unforgettable to my mind is the all-time epic love saga, "Roman Holiday", which happens to be the most priceless transient romance between a disguised princess and a handsome American reporter (Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, respectively).

When you come to think of candlelight romances, serenading, wooing the beloved or star-crossed epic love sagas, you would obviously mark the romantic chemistry between the lover and his beloved as the quintessential foundation behind these wonderful, witty and immensely touching tales of true love. Interestingly, the success of these blockbusters in romance in Hollywood comes from incorporating core elements of Hollywood (especially the music), classical romance elements and a degree of sentimentality which, again, is quite stylishly sophisticated in nature.

The 50's and 60's were the hey days of classic romance in Hollywood, when ethos, pathos, happy endings, heart-wrenching goodbyes and romantic love scenes along with power-packed performances by some of Hollywood's heartthrobs like Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh and Marilyn Monroe were the staple of every young heart. Now, I would rather not attempt this article as a primer of cinematic history comprising the best films of all times from the classic romance genre, for that is the job of an encyclopedia and not that of a human. And these days, you are sure to get plentiful of those online. So I would limit my writing to the discussion of only some of the milestones of our cinematic past, the era and the cultural milieu behind the production of these masterpieces, which again, comes from the sheer love I feel towards these movies.

While today, Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, MGM and Columbia (Sony) are some of the pioneers in Hollywood film production and distribution, in the yesteryears, Paramount Pictures, the longest-lived American movie studio, used to lead the arena of American motion picture production and distribution. Those were the blissful times when the Hollywood studio system produced classic movies embodying a refined, evocative method of storytelling that left something to the audience's imagination. While this was true right from the early nineteen hundred and thirties' till the sixties', the audience those days were fed on films which did adhere to certain standards of discretion and used established cinematic devices to imply what they could not say explicitly. Without an iota of blatant sensory stimulations, the sheer use of compelling stories and characters, snappy dialogue, high production values (including those of cinematography, editing, shot composition, scoring, sets and costuming) and above all, extra-ordinary acting prowess of the stars those days gave birth to some of the most celebrated reel romances of all times, including "Gone With the Wind", "West Side Story", "Casablanca", "Roman Holiday", "My Fair Lady" and "An Affair to Remember".

The 40's, 50's and 60's, combined, was also the era producing the greatest silver screen legends like Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, the irresistibly handsome Cary Grant and the super charismatic Gregory Peck, the celebrated smidgens Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Sofia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn, and the ravishing Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe. Interestingly enough, did you know that recently the AFI has ranked the greatest love stories of the first century of American cinema, with "Casablanca" attaining the numero uno position? "Gone With The Wind" and "West Side Story" come only next to it among the greatest reel classics of America.

Truly worthy of their legendary status by virtue of their sprawling, epic film romance, few would venture to dispute the position of these three films as the silver screen's greatest romances ever. And it is worth mentioning that in each of these films, there are potent screen moments between the protagonists that are replete with romantic content which again, unmistakably evolve into meaningful, personalized fantasies among the lovers of these reel romances. Whosoever has seen "Roman Holiday" will never for his/her life forget the phenomenal scene between Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck when Peck puts his hand into the "Mouth of Truth" (La Bocca della Verità), a stone face in Rome that according to legend, will bite your hand off if you tell a lie. In the film, when he pulls his hand out it is missing, causing Hepburn, the disguised princess Ann, to scream hysterically. The chemistry between the two in the scene is so infectious that the audience never fails to identify the film as a superior love story with the distinction of classic romance elements.

On the other hand, those were the times that produced the ever-memorable, ever-fascinating Hollywood musicals, like the legendary "Sound of Music" (1965), "Singing in the Rain" (1952). Regarded as two of the great movie musicals of all times, these are films that linger in the hearts of lovers of romance eternally. Who can forget the sweet, ethereal chanting of Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music" where she teaches the seven children the notes of "Do re mi" or where she asserts her individuality singing, "I have confidence in me", or where she playfully mingles with the children in the song "These are a few of my favorite things"?

For the records, the cast album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year, while the film itself won an Academy Award for Best Picture and is one of the most popular musicals ever produced. "Singing in the Rain", on the other hand, starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Debbie Reynolds, is replete with wit as a satirical comedy, featuring one of the most lavish elements of yesteryears' musicals. It is the film where there's the phenomenal dance scene of Gene Kelly with the title track, "singing in the rain", while twirling an umbrella, splashing through puddles and getting soaked to the skin. "My Fair lady", another classic romantic comedy woven in the mould of a musical, happens to be one of my personal favorites with electrifying performances by Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, the young, uncouth Cockney girl and Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins, an arrogant, irritable professor of phonetics. Together, they put the screen on fire with an unforgettable film adaptation of the stage musical, My Fair Lady, based in turn on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw.

In the later years, to be more particular, from the nineteen hundred and seventies and eighties, there has been a noticeable transition of reel romance from the stylishly sophisticated, artsy and evocative style of the black and white years to the more bittersweet, flesh and blood world of the lovers, rocking with prolonged kissing and lovemaking scenes, unbridled energy and emotion. What can be a better example of the new cosmos in which the lovers find themselves other than that showed in "Love Story" (1970), one of the most romantic movies ever made? A romantic tearjerker from director Arthur Hiller about a passionate couple with a tragic ending, this one happens to be a heartfelt tale of the love of a lifetime. Regarded as the most successful Paramount movie up to that time, the film received seven Academy Award nominations including the Best Picture award. Another one, from the 90's, "Forrest Gump" (1994), revives the same pristine emotions of love as the story revolves along some of the most enduring and touching moments of love between Forrest (Tom Hanks) and his lifelong love Jenny. While in the film, we have a sweeping look at thirty tumultuous years of American history seen through the eyes of the charmed simpleton Forrest, we are gifted with some classic scenes those have unparalleled intricacy and depth while still being enormously engaging. Again, in the 90's, we see the enormously gripping passion and on-screen chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" (1990), a magnanimous love story about a wealthy businessman falling for effervescent hooker.

The chemistry between the lovers seemed to be so natural and convincing that it transcends the shackles of a romantic comedy and goes on to be remembered as quite a classic film in the romance genre. Towards the end of the 90's, the world of romance in Hollywood was again ablaze with the blockbuster of all times, "Titanic" (1997), a fictional love story between Rose (Kate Winslett) and Jack (Leonardo De Caprio), members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ill-fated 1912 maiden voyage of the ship Titanic. Even though the film is based on the historical sinking of the gigantic Titanic, the crux and the beauty of the entire film lies in the poignant tale of their love which is even more beautified by the soulful music and memorable soundtracks of the film. On a different note, though with the same poignancy and intensity of passion, unfolds the idyllic love story between Noah (Ryan Gosling) and his love Allie (Rachel McAdams) in "the Notebook" (2004). Adapted from the 1996 romantic novel by Nicolas Sparks, it has been one of the most touching screen romances of the present times.

Last but not the least; let me share with you my feelings of witnessing another classic film outside of Hollywood that portrayed romance on screen so evocatively yet with a poignant tone that I was immediately reminded of the classic undertones of creative suggestiveness and subtlety characteristic of the celebrated reel romances of Hollywood. The film is none other than the Italian masterpiece "La Vita E Belle" ("Life is Beautiful") directed by Roberto Benigni which went on to win 3 Oscars in 1998. While the film was based on the story of the violent indignities suffered by Jews in the concentration camps of World War II, the subtleties of the film transcend the horrors of the concentration camp with some of the most beautifully screened romantic sequences in world cinema.

Remember the scene where Guido follows his bride Dora into a greenhouse and the scenes which follow thereafter? Well, rather than showing what they do there, the scene slowly dissolves to a shot of the same greenhouse, only this time, a little boy is playing there. The implications are obvious, the device serves to advance the plot a few years without restoring to the clichéd "five years later..." inter-title and the love scene is left to the audience's imagination. By virtue of the amazing screenplay, the film turns out to be an unforgettable fable that proves the indomitable spirit of love, family and imagination in the face of all evils. Undoubtedly, this, along with the joys of love, and life--has been the most enduring theory working as the ultimate foundation behind all successful romance classics in the history of Hollywood! And so, be it in "Casablanca" or in "The Notebook", both 'cupid' and 'life' rule! For, all quintessential romances are a celebration of life in its varied hues. Struck by cupid's arrows, it becomes ever more beautiful and transcendental by all means!

Lopa Bhattacharya (Banerjee) is a content writer/developer, now based in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, working for various overseas corporate website projects, CD-Rom presentations, brochures, flyers and other communication materials. Has worked on numerous SEO copywriting projects on varied themes ranging from travel, hotel industry, photography, web design and software development to US-based clubs and network communities. Was previously an editorial associate for the news, culture and entertainment portal based on the life and times of Kolkata, India.

Create More Romance in Your Life

Ah, romance, that wonderful and exciting feeling, that most glorious intertwining of two hearts. So intense, such a high, but so fleeting, and so often for so many once gone never to return. But does it have to be that way? Can we intentionally create and sustain more romance in our lives?

Most folks profess to want more romance in their lives. Indeed, for some, romance is a goal unto itself, or at least high on the list of goals for their love relationships.

But if having romance in our committed love relationships is a highly prized goal, and if so many people want more of it in their lives, how can we create, cultivate, and encourage it? What concrete steps can we take to make sure that romance takes seed and flourishes?

The purpose of this article is to explore the idea that romance begins in your heart-center and grows outward, and is, to some significant degree, a reflection of how you feel about yourself. In other words, by romancing yourself first you can create the conditions that allow you to experience and express romance with another more easily.

Listen: your capacity to love and accept yourself is the measure of your capacity to love and accept others. The same can be said for romance: your ability and willingness to create romance within is the measure of the romance you can help create in a committed loving relationship.

True romance isn't just about flowers and poems. Flowers and poems are great, of course, but are really just an extension of a feeling that comes from within, something that starts in, and flows from, the heart. Without that heart-felt feeling, flowers and poems are but an attempt be to romantic, not an expression of true romance.

So how do you create more romance in your life? Begin by romancing yourself. Love, accept, and forgive yourself on a deep level. Treat yourself with respect and understanding. Buy yourself flowers. Write yourself a poem. Treat yourself with respect and dignity. And remember: if you don't love yourself first, you can't truly love another.

And remember that it is far more important to be the right person than to find the right person. Our relationships are a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. Romance, too, is a reflection of that inner state. By first creating romance within, you'll be well on your way to creating more romance in your life.

Mark Maxwell is a saxophonist and recording artist living in California. His 17 self-produced and self-promoted CDs have sold over a half a million copies. His music can be found at Mark Maxwell Music.

Great Romance Tips at a Romance Forum

Romance is something that all people need to embrace. This is mainly because when you have it, statistics show that you will not just live longer but will have more value for your life. Romance is never easy to get but, we all have the capacity to look for romance and maintain it in our lives. The first thing will be to look for information or insight into romance. A romance forum is the venue you need to be at. This is because a lot of issues will be discussed and by the end of any session, you will get great tips on how to build romance after you look for it. Many times, romance seems to find us but, even if this is the case, you need to prepare your heart for romance. A good romance forum will start by discussing what the meaning of romance really is. When you think romance, you think subtle pleasure and sparks of love flying all over. Romance is what we make it and, when we choose to make it excellent, it will be just that. A good forum will help you and give you practical ways on how to rekindle the romance that is lost.

A romance forum will inform you that it is not just about rekindling the romance that is lost, but creating new romance. The best thing about romance is that it can be created to be just the way you want it to become. A romance forum will open your eyes to different perspectives on dealing with real issues that have to do with love and romance. Let us focus on some of the ways that you can recreate romance in your home after a long absence of romance. It is vital for you to recognize what is missing when you stop being romantic or when the romance dies. There are many causes and conflict is the leading cause. When you are not in good terms with the person you love, you will end up feeling like you are not interested in showing love and affection. Deep in your heart, you will realize that the lack of affection is making you colder and colder. When you are faced with a problem, do not bury your head in the sand. Make sure you deal with whatever the problem might be so that you can pave way for romance.

According to a good romance forum, you can apply the following tips to make sure that romance stays alive. When it comes to romance, you have to break all the rules and appear to be insane; in a good way. Surprise him or her at work and take them out on a romantic adventure for the few minutes. Dare to live on the edge and be spontaneous. Call them to ask them what they are doing in a sensual manner. Flowers and chocolate are never far when romance is mentioned. Use these things to show that you care. Write a love letter or poem, when they least expect it. This way, you will warm yourself up to showing romance from the heart.

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In the Kitchen

The windows grow small with frost and the moon
Is large above the house. On the baby’s hands
Are red socks, curled above his face.
Far away, a siren or a dog.
In your long hair is a trellis of flowers
Which makes everything in the kitchen brighter.
It defies all sensemaking, the weather so cold
And the south so far away. You try not to draw
Attention to yourself, but how can you help it?
Here, drink some more wine. We have warmed some wine
And though it’s good wine, we put an apple in it.
Here, setting the wine before me. But I don’t want more wine.
I want to ask about the flowers. He wakes up
And his red hands sink deep into your yellow hair.

— Steve Kronen

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Real Romance Definition

Romance definition is one that sparks a lot of views. This is because there is no simple way to describe romance. Romance is many things and, the following are some of the most common romance definitions. It has been equated to the deliberate show if love and affection in a relationship. It has also been used to describe the person you love. For example, when you have a special person in your life, people will say that you have found romance in your life. It is more of an act and, romance is sometime very tangible or visible. It is extremely powerful because, it has the power to make or break a love relationship. Lack of romance will make a dead union. Presence of romance will do the exact opposite. For this reason, it becomes very necessary for you to have romance in your life. First, if you do not have romance or someone to love in life, it becomes a huge problem as you progress with life. You constantly feel like you are missing something and you keep on hoping for something that will come in form of romance. Yearning for romance is perfectly normal.

Since the romance definition holds plenty of weight, you need to make sure you find a companion in life. However there are many people who have opted to stay single and, if you feel like you can do without romance, it is also alright. You will be faced with many desires but, you must be ready for the consequences. Therefore, romance begins with somebody finding a person to love. Looking for romance has become an uphill task. In the modern society, things seem very hard but, with the right target and knowledge, you can find the person you are looking for. Matchmakers are in plenty and, if you are tired of doing it the traditional way, you can start dating the 21st century way. There are literally thousands of singles waiting to be joined to you. Online matchmakers are wonderful because there is no hassle with their service. This way, you get to find romance even internationally. Once you have found the person to love, you will understand the real romance definition.

This is only the beginning or romance. The real romance definition will involve hard work; to maintain your relationship. Romance is doing the little subtle things. It is the show of constant affection and union in a marriage or love relationship. Romance is going the extra mile and standing firm on the belief that you will keep your man or woman. In society today, many marriages are constantly breaking and, this is partly due to lack of romance. The main reason is the unwillingness to continue with romance. When you reach this point, you will have no relationship to talk about. Therefore, it is time to look seriously into romance and, the impact of it in our lives. When we value it for its worth, we will be in a position to cherish it and hopefully maintain it; all for the betterment of our relationships.

Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project Free Online Dating Service Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success, Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At Dating And Relationships Magazine.

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How To Romance A Man - 3 Best Ways To Romance A Man

There are many people, especially those belonging to the old school of thought, who believe that romance is a domain that belongs to the girls only. This is a wrong notion. While there is no doubt that girls love to be adored and be romanced, it is the same for men too. There are many opportunities for men to announce to a girl that they love him and there are ample ways to show off their romance too.

In fact I would state that there is a bit of discrimination. Look at the Valentine Day cards. All are designed for men to proclaim their romance to a girl. There are hardly any cards that allow the women to tell about their love. A casual look at the cards will show that they are made keeping the feminine gender in mind. So how should to go ahead and romance a man? Here are the 3 best ways to romance a man that every woman should know!

1. Romance A Man By Using His Emotion

While women love to be romanced with trinkets, jewelry, flowers and chocolates, men like to be romanced with emotion. In fact, this is one of the best ways to romance a man. These emotions can be proclaimed in quite a number of ways. Suppose he loves a particular brand of chewing gum. The next time you meet him, make sure that you have some of those chewing gums with you and pass on the same to him. These little acts go a long way in romancing a man and making him feel that he is cared for.

2. Romance A Man By Paying Attention To The Small Things

He might not like the pimples on your face. While it's okay that you spend time to remove the same, there is no need to announce the same to him or to show off that you are removing the same for him. Do it discreetly and when he is not about. Applying the acne removing cream in his presence is not a wise idea.

He will find out for himself and at that time, your unblemished face will go a long way in showing off your romance for him. So it is better to let him discover these joys instead of proclaiming the same to him. Let it be a surprise to him.

3. Romance A Man By Understanding His Views On Romance

There are many men who act like children. For them a romantic thing might well be playing a round of cards with his woman. Never impose yourself and your views. You might think romance is having a candlelight dinner, but it is not necessary that he looks at romance from the same angle. Try to find out what is his definition of romance and try to adjust yourself to his views.

This will go a long way to show that you really care for him. The best way to romance a man is to do it the way he perceives romance. Never try to push your views. As your romance builds, he too will try to find out what is your idea of romance and be sure that he too will reciprocate.

Finally, Did you know that so many women make their own lives and relationships harder than they need to be by not learning the basic foundations of how men view love, connection, attraction and relationships?

So, If you want to start getting better outcomes and results when it comes to men, and you want to be able to communicate with a man in a way that brings him closer.

Then you're going to have START doing what it is that makes a man FEEL ATTRACTED and MORE INTERESTED in you. It means that you need to Learn Secrets That Most Women Will Never Know About Meeting And Keeping Great Men!

Make this the year you finally know what it's like to have a fun, loving and secure relationship by discovering how to find the right man and make love last. Just Go To Catch And Keep Him to learn the SECRET PSYCHOLOGY TO GETTING A MAN OF YOUR DREAMS!

The Dance of Romance

February is the month of love. It even includes an entire day that is set aside simply for the purpose of making grand gestures of romance and love. Valentine's Day has been around for centuries.

One story of the origin of Valentine's Day dates back to the 3rd century AD. Father Valentine, a Roman priest, defied what he believed was an unjust law of his day that forbade marriage and secretly married young lovers. For this he was sentenced to death, was martyred two centuries later and became one of the most popular saints of France and Italy.


This thing called love receives more and more notice in most every area of life. Spiritual traditions have long claimed love to be at the core of healing and happiness. Philosophers have written of three types of love called eros, agape and philia. Medical research has produced scientific findings that love improves our health - it changes us on a cellular level, enhances our immune and cardiovascular systems, and increases our endorphins. A recent Oprah show highlighted a group of middle aged women who attributed their vitality and success to doing what they love. And the Law of Attraction that is rapidly gaining attention identifies love as a high energy emotion that transforms not only the "lover" but those near and far. As well it has the greatest attraction power of any energy.


Since this is February I want to talk about the love celebrated in February, love that is distinguished by the "Big R word" - Romance. As I write this I am reminded that I don't hear or read very much anymore about romance, except for a week or two around Valentine's Day. I think something is amiss. Who doesn't, if you are truly honest with yourself, desire more romance in your life?

Think of it. Romance is romance because of an array of delicious qualities such as genuine curiosity, adoring attention, expression of deep affection and passionate emotional involvement. Pretty good so far, don't you think? There's more. Romance is filled with charm and excitement. There is play, intense pleasure, profound interest and adoration. In romance one's best self naturally shines forth, as well as the ability to see the magnificence in another. As I expect you know, there is a great deal of energy in romance - energy of vitality, passion and aliveness. Now I ask you again, "Who wouldn't want more of that?" If you're counting, count me in.


The next question becomes "how?" Before answering this question, I want to remind you that any "great" relationship requires several things, one of which is romance. Now let's get back to the question at hand, "What does it take to have more romance in my relationships?" First, let's go back to the wisdom of Saint Valentine. He followed his heart not the dictates of something he didn't believe in. So follow the desires of your heart, rather than the commands of "shoulds." Second, choose to "become the Cupid in your own life." Cupid, the Roman winged god of love, who shot his arrows of desire into unsuspecting persons has long been a symbol for Valentine's Day. As Cupid, you get to shoot your arrows wherever you want. What relationship in your life would you like infused with more romance?

There is the obvious area of intimate relationships, whether with a long term partner or spouse, someone you are dating, or maybe even someone you are interested in but haven't yet let them know. Is there still romance in your marriage or long term relationship? If yes, be grateful for it every day and keep doing what you're doing that keeps romance alive. If not, let this month of love be the month to reclaim and re-ignite the playful, passionate aliveness of romance with some gesture that lets your partner know that you "see" and adore them. You can even do this with someone you are dating or begin with someone you are interested in. And there is always the long-stemmed red rose, ever the symbol of love and romance. Whatever you do, do it authentically - put your playful, thoughtful, passionate heart in it!

What about your business or career? Might it be time to start romancing your work or your business? Spend some time here with your full attention, appreciation and curiosity. What is one passionate action that would create a spark in this area of your life? Do that by Valentine's Day. What is the particular charm or uniqueness of your work or business, even if dormant right now? Highlight that in your planning and next steps.

There are many relationships in your life that could be transformed by a little romance besides those I already mentioned - even those with money and time for starters. They all have one common denominator - You. Maybe now is the time to start some "serious" romancing of yourself? How much adoring attention, genuine curiosity and profound interest do you have for you? When was the last time you took time to "see" who you really are and what's most important to you, or consciously gifted yourself with pleasure? Please take out your calendar and highlight an evening or an afternoon during the week of Valentine's Day that you will treat yourself to a romantic date with "you" to do, be or have whatever strikes your romantic fantasy. And then, make it a habit.


Romance requires that you take time, slow down and pay attention. And if romance strikes your fancy, remember that what you give your attention to grows stronger in your life.

I want to leave you with the three "M's" of Romance - magic, mystery & miracles. These have to be present for real romance to occur. While science continually strives to "know" and find answers to or reasons for everything in life, I invite you to also allow for magic, mystery & miracles which provide much of the spice in life and the romance in love. Make sure to invite these into the Dance of Romance!

Enjoy this month, and beyond, of romance. And remember, You are a natural! You are brilliant! You are magnificent! Simply by being you. Let your light shine!

If you'd like to speak with me about connecting with your passion and creating a life and business you love, call today for a 30 - minute complimentary consultation @ 617-524-6153.

Reggie Odom LICSW, CPCC, PCC is the founder of Inspired Works a Life Coach, inspirational speaker, and lecturer at Simmons College School of Social Work. She is considered a master teacher and unforgettable speaker. Reggie coaches professionals and practice-based entrepreneurs who want more joy and greater aliveness.

Readers of Romance Novels Have Better Sex Lives

According to BusinessWeek, every 5 seconds someone buys a romance novel. For those more mathematically inclined--that makes romance novels a $1.2 billion dollar a year industry.

And it's no wonder.

Experts agree that readers of romance novels find it easier to "get in the mood" and on average, even have sex with their partners more often. Psychology Today states that women who read romance novels make love with their partners 74% more often than women who don't. Why? Because, according to a scientific study conducted by Harold Leitenberg of the The Journal of Sex Research and Psychological Bulletin, when women fantasize frequently (as they do when they read romance novels), they have sex more often, have more fun in bed, and engage in a wider variety of erotic activities.

Many therapists now go so far as to recommend reading steamy romance stories to boost a woman's sex drive. Their reasoning: "taking part in enjoyable activities such as walking with a partner, listening to music, having a glass of wine, taking a bath, or reading a romance novel can help put women in the mood for sex. These activities can help women shift into their "sex self" from their role as mother, wife, employer, or employee," says Carol Rinkleib Ellison, PhD, a psychologist and author of Women's Sexualities. Christiane Northrup, M.D. of Women's Health Wisdom also says: "Consider reading novels or renting movies that contain sexual content to help you get in the mood."

For those of us that enjoy a steamy romance novel on a regular basis--this is not new news. We've been trying to tell mainstream nay-sayers this all along. We women are turned on by "emotional stimulation" the way men are aroused visually. Though more and more romance authors are leaning toward more erotic romance, women don't always require graphic sex scenes to become aroused. After reading an emotionally intense love scene, a woman feels more open to the "idea" of making love--or "in the mood" for sex.

Maria Veloso, author of Midwinter Turns to Spring states, "Contrary to popular belief, the ability of romance novels to fuel a woman's sexual desire doesn't lie in the stereotypical bodice-ripping, sexually explicit scenes so inherent in romance novels - but rather in the realm of emotions. In most cases, a woman's libido is directly linked to emotions that revolve around romance and love. These emotions are a connected set of processes that involve physiological changes, such as heart rate, blood pressure and hormones circulating throughout the body--and these comprise the cornerstones of a woman's sexual drive. Therefore, when a woman's emotions are stirred by a romance novel, that's a recipe for an emotional aphrodisiac. It's like giving a woman emotional foreplay."

She goes on to say that "when women read romance novels, their emotions are stirred. Because a woman's emotions are directly linked to their libido, romance novels then virtually become aphrodisiac cocktails - or what I call emotional foreplay for women. And that's a prelude to sex."

Just as men become aroused while perusing nude magazines, women stimulate their emotional and their libido while reading a satisfying love scene. Some critics of either men's magazine or steamy romance novels may doubt this activity as an acceptable alternate for couples in a committed relationship for bettering a person's sex life. Some may believe these habits may actually take away that special something from a sexual relationship rather than enhance it. Based on this current scientific studies, this is, thankfully, not the case.

Women's sex lives and the level of intimacy they have with their husbands, boyfriends or partners will show a noticeable improvement after reading a romance novel because it simply puts them in a more romantic state of mind.

So what's the link between romance novel and better sex lives?

Emotional satisfaction.

That's something to think about when you're at the counter trying to decide between this month's Cosmo and the latest steamy romance novel!!!

Bonnie Williams Copyright(C) 2006


BusinessWeek Online - 02/12/2006; Romance Novels: Reading for Love, The Journal of Sex Research - 2/1/2001; Harold Leitenberg - Sexual Fantasies About One's Partner Versus Someone Else: Gender Differences in Incidence and Frequency, WebMD - 07/26/2004; Dulce Zamora - Revving Up Women's Sex Drive, Women's Health Wisdom Online Newsletter - March 2006; Christiane Northrup, M.D. - Turn Up the Heat on Your Desire, Psychology Today - Sep/Oct 95; Peter Doskoch - The Safest Sex, The Open Press - 02/02/2006; Maria Veloso - Romance Novels: Are They the Antidote to a Dreary Sex Life?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bonnie Louise Williams is the author of three erotic romance novels, an online romantic comedy series, and several erotic short stories. To join her free newsletter visit her website at or to order Bonnie?s erotic romance novels, visit

How to Tell Your Husband You Need More Romance in Your Marriage - From a Man's Point of View

For some of the women reading this, you are about embark on a no holds bared, fact finding mission into your husband's mind. Let's get started with a few myths exposed and facts revealed.

Fact . . . All those 'share-your-agony / accomplish nothing' websites where wives-in-misery commiserate by giving essentially worthless advice about what did not work for them will not help you encourage your husband to be more romantic.

Myth . . . Your husband does not love you because he is not romantic. This false statement is mostly found in the 'share-your-agony' websites.

Fact . . . Your husband is not more romantic for one or a combination of four main reasons:

Not comfortable with the emotional element of romance
Too much stress or not enough (perceived) time.
Not focused, not organized or may forget important dates.
Not aware of just how important romance is to you.

Myth . . . By showering your husband with romance, he will get the idea, seek out his hidden inner romantic child and create the romantic oasis you so desire and deserve.

Fact . . . Your husband will become more romantic and your marriage more passionate for one of two primary reasons: (Or a combination of both.)

He wants please you, make you happy and improve the marriage because he is basically a really good guy.
Because it is in his best interest and he derives some benefit from changing the dynamics of the marriage.
There are three components to encouraging your husband to be more romantic. Do all three and you are almost guarantied of a romance filled marriage. Like a tricycle, having only two wheels on the ground (two components of the romance formula), you are not going to get very far. And if you do get anywhere, it is going to be a real struggle.

Step One - The Goal - Without condemning, complaining or criticizing, tell your husband why it is important to you that your marriage have a greater element of romance. Explain that romance is like a key that opens a woman's heart and fulfills her need for emotional intimacy. Describe what romance looks, feels, sounds and smells like. Give your husband a target, a challenge. Men want to pursue and enjoy reaching a goal.

Step Two - The Reward - Share with your husband why it is in his interest to step up the level of romance in the marriage. The truth is that while you are thinking of romance as emotional intimacy, your husband is thinking of sensual pleasure. One viewpoint is not better than the other, but they are two sides to the same coin. Tell him how romance increases the emotional connection that you feel and that leads to greater confidence in the relationship - in him. You want to change - increase the amount of romance - the marriage because it will better fulfill a need that you have (and should have fulfilled). It is no different for your husband. He will change the relationship - increase the amount of romance - when it fulfills a need that he may have.

Step Three - No plan, no action! Men are, by their very nature tool users. Some use computers, others use power saws, the rest something in between. While there is no scientific research to prove this, the reason men are tool users is because their brains leak. Ask your husband to bring home three things from the store and you are likely to get just about anything besides the items requested. Same goes for the romance, your husband is going to need a little assistance to keep him on track for the first few months. There are online marriage resources designed to give your husband romantic ideas, tips and suggestions. The full featured sites even provide a personalized reminder service so that he never forgets another anniversary, birthday or special occasion. If you do a Google or Bing search for "Romantic Outsourcing" you can see what is available to your husband.

The challenging part to making a long overdue improvement in your relationship is getting the subject out and in to the open. Below is a letter format that you can use to get your husband's attention. Feel free to copy, cut , edit and paste for your own personal use.

Dear (My Romantically-Resistant Husband),

I'm writing this letter to you because I feel that our marriage could use a positive change.

I know that romance may not be your highest priority right now. But for me, it represents more than just flowers or a nice card. It is, for me, a way to feel emotionally connected to the man I love. For women, romance is like a key that opens a door to greater intimacy, more confidence in the relationship and, yes, more desire for sensual passion.

To me, romance can be gestures of affection that remind me that I am special in your eyes and in your heart. Its not about getaways to secluded islands you see in movies. But rather, a personal message, a thought, a break from the routine, or flowers every once in a while. Please don't let this rule out the romantic getaway, if that is what you had in mind :-) To explain it in another way, women have an 'emotional bank account' that needs regular little deposits. And you will be amazed how much interest builds up for you. Romance can lead to many things; a match that starts a passionate flame, the glue that unites a relationship, a door to greater sensual pleasure, the building blocks of a stronger marriage.

Without a doubt, men and women are different in their needs and comfort zones. I recognize that and realize you may occasionally want a few ideas and reminders to get the romantic juices flowing. There are marriage/romance building websites for men, operated by men that may be useful to you. ________ is one website that is free to use or you can do a search for "Romantic Outsourcing".

I want you to know that I love you dearly and want our marriage to grow stronger every day. Romance is important to me. Share with me what is important to you.

Your Loving Wife,


One last suggestion, having only a verbal conversation is likely not to lead to lasting change. Remember your husband's mind leaks. If he wasn't fully invested in the change you need, want or deserve - romance will be pushed down on the list of day to day demands. The reason men respond well to a written letter is because it allows them to return to their cave, a psychological safe place, and have time to digest the issue. Your husband will take action sooner than you think. And if he doesn't, take control of the situation, sign him up and enter the important anniversaries and dates.

I have found that most men tend to initially rely heavily on a 'Romantic Outsourcing' website to encourage them to take action and, yes, overcome any initial hesitation. Remember, many men are, in the beginning, not comfortable expressing romance. Because, in the end, it is a display of emotional openness. It takes time to get good at being romantic and recognizing subtle emotional cues. The good news is that many of the most 'romantically-resistant' men go on to be regular contributors of romantic ideas - helping other husbands like yours improve their marriage. For a sports analogy, 'Even the best athlete was, in the very beginning, way back when, a rookie player who walked out onto the field for the first time.'

About The Author and His Mission:

Realizing that not all men are comfortable recognizing the subtle emotions cues that are a part of being romantic, Ronald Anthony is the creator and one of the writers for the romance and marriage building website, He is a firm believer that marriages can be significantly improved using the interactive capabilities of the internet. Simply by providing well timed ideas, tips, suggestions and personalized reminders, the level of romance, emotional intimacy and sensual passion can be raised to new heights.

Ron's mission for TheFOMM is best defined in the following two statements, 'You don't have to be romantic to romance your wife.' And, 'Copy what we send, personalize it for your wife and take all the credit.' These are repeated often because between the two, they are the truth, they work incredible well and they work every single time!

Now is the time to make a positive change in your relationship by setting up a FREE MEMBERSHIP for yourself or your husband. You have all the romance to gain and nothing to lose!

Romance and Cell Phones

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Sure, people like cell phones because they can always stay connected, they don’t miss an important call and they have a “plan” in case there is an emergency.  Of course, people dislike cell phones because they are always expected to answer the phone and they are expected to be readily available for the most minute “emergency” such as your spouse calling you to go out of your way to pick up a pint of ice cream on your way home.

Have you thought about how cell phones can boost your romance?  Sure, you don’t see each other all day long and then when you do get home you’re making dinner, playing with the kids, helping with homework, catching up on the things you didn’t get done at work the day before, cleaning the house, making lunches for tomorrow… where’s the time for romance?

 Use your cell phone to send sweet love notes via text messaging or call your partner to tell him or her that you love them.  If you see something or hear a story that would interest your partner, call them up and share it with them.  Cell phones make for an easy way to stay connected throughout our busy schedules.  Instead of looking at it as a necessity for work, start thinking of your cell phone as a tool to keep the romance alive and well even when your schedules keep you apart.

Posted by Susan on Thursday, September 7th, 2006 at 7:10 pm.

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my sweet old etcetera

my sweet old etcetera
aunt lucy during the recent

war could and what
is more did tell you just
what everybody was fighting

my sister

isabel created hundreds
hundreds)of socks not to
mention shirts fleaproof earwarmers

etcetera wristers etcetera,my
mother hoped that

i would die etcetera
bravely of course my father used
to become hoarse talking about how it was
a privilege and if only he
could meanwhile my

self etcetera lay quietly
in the deep mud et

Your smile
eyes knees and of your Etcetera)

— e.e. cummings

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Ways to Becoming More Centered

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You love your spouse and you love to be together, however, there are some things in life that don’t allow you to be together all of the time.  Here are 5 tips to help you become more relationship centered even if you are not together 24/7.  

Indulge in Shared Interests: She may love scrap booking or horseback riding and enjoys every minute of it, while he loves golf and watching football.  It is inevitable that you may not always share the same interests but be interested when your partner shares information about their interests with you.  Also, if there are activities that you like to do together such as working out or going camping, indulge in every minute of those with your partner. Make Your Partner Feel Desirable and Give them “I Love You”s: Making your partner feel desirable lets them know that you love them without saying a word.  Give them hugs and kisses when they least expect it.  Be near to them as much as possible.  These physical interactions show that you trust your partner and you want to be with them. Telling your partner you love them in a variety of ways.  Verbally and physically, you can show your partner that you love them by telling them and touching them. Be Marriage Centered, Not Child Centered:  Put your marriage before your children, but show your children that you love them and care for them.  It is better to have a healthy marriage than one that is stressed out over the children.  Limit children’s activities outside of home if they are going to be causing strains on your relationship.  Give the children options rather than allowing them to do everything. Take kid free vacations and enjoy being together.  Make date night a regular occurrence. Create and Exciting Vision for Your Future Together:  Make dreams together and realize them together. Plan a date and time for that perfect vacation or cruise.  Plan it well in advance and save up for it.  When that time comes you will be glad that you did.  This will give you the feeling of having accomplished something together.  Talk About Sex: Don’t save it for the bedroom, if you have something to say about it say it.  Talking about sex and communicating with each other will insure that you know your partner’s needs and desires. Talking about it casually will make it easier and you will be less apt to be shy about it. Posted by Valerie on Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 at 5:41 pm.

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On a Squirrel, Crossing the Road in Autumn, In New England

It is what he does not know,
Crossing the road under the elm trees,
About the mechanism of my car,
About the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
About Mozart, India, Arcturus,

That wins my praise. I engage
At once in whirling squirrel-praise.

He obeys the orders of nature
Without knowing them.
It is what he does not know
That makes him beautiful.
Such a knot of little purposeful nature!

I who can see him as he cannot see himself
Repose in the ignorance that is his blessing.

It is what man does not know of God
Composes the visible poem of the world.
…Just missed him!

— Richard Eberhart

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How You Can Create Your Own Romance Luck

"I'm not handsome enough."

"I'm not pretty enough."

"I'm not rich enough."

And many many other reasons that you may have. It may be true that these reasons are stopping you from finding the romance that you desire. In a practical sense, yes, richer, prettier and handsomer people do have an edge over those who are less rich,less pretty and less handsome.

However,with the knowledge that I am going to share with you soon, you won't really need to be more good looking and richer in order to find that relationship you desire.

The very first thing you need to know are the 3 romance stars. Depending on your Chinese zodiac sign,your 3 different romance stars enter your sign during different years. Later, I will show you which are the years the different romance stars enter your sign. I need to introduce the 3 types of romance stars to you first...

First, is the Marriage Star, also known as the Hong Luan star in Chinese. The marriage star will bring romance or marriage,depending on your age.When this star enters your sign,you can expect your romance luck to be extremely good. No matter what, you should always be on the offense in looking for romance when this star enters your sign.

Let me list out for you when the marriage star enters your sign basing on your Chinese zodiac sign...

Rat's marriage star is at Rabbit.Year 1999,2011,2023.
Ox's marriage star is at Tiger.Year 1998,2010,2022.
Tiger's marriage star is at Ox.Year 1997,2009,2021.
Rabbit's marriage star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.
Dragon's marriage star is at Pig.Year 1995,2007,2019.
Snake's marriage star is at Dog.Year 1994,2006,2018.
Horse's marriage star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
Sheep's marriage star is at Monkey.Year 1992,2004,2015.
Monkey's marriage star is at Sheep.Year 1991,2003,2015.
Rooster's marriage star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
Dog's marriage star is at Snake.Year 1989,2001,2013.
Pig's marriage star is at Dragon.Year 1988,2000,2012.

Whenever the marriage star enters your sign,you can easily find romance. Take full advantage of the opportunity when the tides are in your favor.

Meanwhile,congratulations to those born under the Rabbit sign. This is a good year for finding romance and getting married.

I can read your mind...are you thinking "What should I do if I miss my marriage star? Does it mean that I have to wait for another 12 years?"

I will answer your question now. Introducing...the next romance star. The happiness star,also known as Tian Xi in Chinese. As you can see from the name,this star brings happiness to you. As new romances and weddings are also joyous occasions, you can also expect them when this star enters your chart.

Let me list them out for you...

Rat's happiness star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
Ox's happiness star is at Monkey.Year 1992,2004,2016.
Tiger's happiness star is at Sheep.Year 1991,2003,2015.
Rabbit's happiness star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
Dragon's happiness star is at Snake.Year 1989,2001,2013.
Snake's happiness star is at Dragon.Year 1988,2000,2012.
Horse's happiness star is at Rabbit.Year 1987,1999,2011.
Sheep's happiness star is at Tiger.Year 1998,2010,2022.
Monkey's happiness star is at Ox.Year 1997,2009,2021.
Rooster's happiness star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.
Dog's happiness star is at Pig.Year 1995,2007,2019.
Pig's happiness star is at Dog.Year 1994,2006,2018.

Which sign has the happiness star this year?The rooster.Congratulations to those born under the Rooster sign.This may be the year you tie the knot,or meet the love of your life.

The last romance star is the one that most people are interested probably are too.This romance star also has the potential to break up families and marriages.You certainly want to handle it with care.

Introducing...the sex star,also known as the Xian Chi star. Why is this star called the sex star? Because whenever this star enters any sign,there will be sex, flings, one night stands or co-habitation. If you are looking for extra marital affairs or flings, this is the star for you. But be forewarned, this star can also break up your family.

If you are single,it is ok. But if you are married, do be careful.

Let me list them out for you...

For Rat,Dragon & Monkey,your sex star is at Rooster.Year 1993,2005,2017.
For Ox,Snake & Rooster,your sex star is at Horse.Year 1990,2002,2014.
For Tiger,Horse & Dog,your sex star is at Rabbit.Year 1999,2011,2023.
For Rabbit,Sheep & Pig,your sex star is at Rat.Year 1996,2008,2020.

Singles born under the Rabbit,Sheep & Pig signs may find themselves getting into flirts and flings. Those who are married should be wary of extra marital affairs. If you are looking for one night stands,this is the year.

So after telling you all about your 3 types of romance stars,what is the morale of the story?

The conclusion is that once you know when your romance luck is at its peak, you are able to strike at the right time and get the results you desire, instead of gambling on the right time to make your move. Before I knew about all these, I made a lot of stupid mistakes that wasted a lot of time and resources.

If you strike at the wrong time, you may find that you need a lot of extra effort and you seem to be fighting an uphill battle.

After touching on the 3 romance stars, the other ways to create your romance luck include...

1.Activating your romance stars.
2.Getting rid of your loneliness stars.
3.Taking advantage of the monthly flying romance star.
4.Eating the correct types of food to boost your charm and romance luck.
5.Engaging in activities which can increase your chances of success with your date during outings.

Due to the lack of space, I will touch on the other ways in another article. Meanwhile,have fun learning about your 3 romance stars.

Marco Chong is an expert in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Indian Numerology. He specializes in using the different types of astrology to analyze love compatibility.His recent project aims to help individuals who are seeking romance create their own romance luck.

Visit his website at

Why Do Women Read Romance?

On a winter's day, worthy of a Tolstoy introduction with its unnerving degrees below freezing and a wind chill to rival an ice bath, I was given this article to write. At first, I really didn't have a lot of answers. I love romance fiction myself but truly to put it into a logical, framed box as an article is, I wasn't sure.

But I knew that if I did some questioning of family and friends, I would find out why forty percent of the bookselling market is devoted to this genre and why it sells so well.

Here are some of the answers. Not surprisingly, many of these are the intangibles in our lives.


We could have a truly lousy day at work or at our home business or as a parent. The boss could have gone completely crazy and assigned fifty projects due tomorrow. Or the fax machine in our home office could have eaten yet another fax which we now have to phone someone about and impress them with our office equipment. Maybe your two year old has discovered how to cut and run from the breakfast table with jam dripping down his toddler fingers and oh no, he's headed for one of the clean rooms! Many days, life can be chaotic.

When all the craziness of day to day life needs to be returned to a balance between living and reacting, there is nothing better than stepping into a romance.

Romance readers report having a sense of renewal after they submerge themselves in a happy, love story. It's a way of getting the day's dirt off our shoes and sitting down to relax.

A literary tome wouldn't do for the occasion. A mystery wouldn't be quite right but a romance is always the hero of the day.


Romance readers also reported seeing a sense of hope in books about romance.

Maybe you're true life romance needs a little repair and a weekend in Bali, but fall into a book and they have it so much worse. I still remember a book I read years ago when the main character had done something out of character and mooned a car which of course turned out to be driven by her new boss. She spent the whole book, more or less cringing anytime she saw him for fear he would recognize her birthmark. From embarrassing, to desperate to any kind of random misfortune, the heroines and heroes get it all.

As human beings, we need to have a sense of hope and when our own spirit is battered, why not a romance?

If you've read the story of Pandora's Box, in amonst all of the awful things that escaped, hope escaped too. As an avid reader of romance fiction myself, I truly believe that romance offers hope. No matter the obstacles, the main characters get to work overcoming all the reasons why the world is rotten but then find throughout the book the moments of hope, the spirit to go on. Romance readers are treated to hope in every book that truly is a romance.

The Predictability Factor:

While not every romance is exactly the same, we can take the guess work out of a book by selecting a romance right away. We can know for certain that at the end of the book, we are promised a happy ending.

For this reason, most romances try to stick to a general appearance of a romance.

Sharing the Hero:

And naturally, we can also assume that women read romance in droves for the heroes. Think of some of the heroes you may have read. They are usually gorgeous, tortured, complex souls that absolutely would melt the heart.

Truly, I think many women just want to entwine their own lives in reading of these men who will do what it takes to solve the day's problem.

If you're looking for a romance and feel you have to hide the cover from the store clerk, forget about it. Women have been reading romance forever and you're justified a good romance book any day of the week. Just don't forget to turn off the stove before you tune into a good romance.

Robyn Whyte is the CEO of an independent press called Stargazer Press. Drop by and see available books at anytime!

Kate Rizor's novel "The Governor's Wife" is more than a romance and shines with a message of hope as the two characters find themselves.

Murder, Muggings And Mayhem - And This Is A Romance?

I've been catching up on my reading in the genre I like best to read for fun: romance. Before you get all riled up, I believe romance authors are up there with the best of them. I enjoy romances because I know the guy and the girl will end up together and live happily ever after. Well maybe not forever but at least for awhile.

So I went down to my local bookstore and stocked up on Nora Roberts, Barbara Delinksy, and Fern Michaels. I also bought a couple of authors I'm not familiar with, Barbara Freethy and Tara Taylor Quinn.

I got halfway into Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts and thought, there's something different. And there was: an arsonist. No spoilers here so I'm not going to go into details, but an arsonist as the villain was a little out of the ordinary for a romance, or so I thought. Then I delved into The Jury by Fern Michaels. I like Michael's books because she incorporates descriptions of food into her books in such a delicious way. Well the macadamia nut pancakes smothered with a banana - caramel syrup were just as yummy as ever, but the violence in the book put a damper on my appetite. The theme was about a sisterhood who dealt with revenge, graphically dealt with revenge.

I picked up In Plain Sight, Tara Taylor Quinn's book because the setting is Arizona and that's where I live. Yes there was romance, but multiple murders as well. I've just started Taken by Barbara Freethy and we have a stalker, organized crime, and identity theft.

All of the books have been a good read, I am just surprised at the violence. Has it been that long since I read a romance or have they changed? So I decided to ask some of my author friends:

"Why do you think romance writers are including more violence in their books? Is it a reflection of the times, a way to broaden the reader base, or just a short-lived trend? Or something else altogether?"

Tara Taylor Quinn, author of In Plain Sight has this to say: "I can't speak for all romance writers, but I know that I am not consciously choosing to include more violence in my books. When I sit down to write, the stories and scenes present themselves and I write them. I've noticed my writing change, I've noticed the violence, but I'm in the know after it's happening, not before. I think the reason this is happening is large part due to the society in which I live. Drive by shootings happen in my city on enough of a regular basis that we aren't shocked. I don't stay home out of fear. I simply don't go anywhere without the awareness that I have to be careful, be observant, be smart.

"I look also at the television shows that are so successful right now. Without A Trace; Law & Order; Numbers; CSI - they just keep coming. Books and television are part of the same entertainment industry and we're all focusing more on the violence with which we live. In my opinion this is hugely due to 9/11. Those of us who lived through that horrible time will never be as innocent or trusting as we once were. We now live with the certain knowledge that there are no lines some people won't cross - they will even die to hurt others - there are no rules, anymore, governing the fight for a cause. It used to be that battle and war followed protocols that were defined and understood. That's no longer the case. In today's world soldiers aren't all wearing uniforms and fighting on pre-determined battle fields. They're living next door to us and fighting wars we don't even know about.

"In short, I think the change is a reflection of a changed society - a

changed life." Tara Taylor Quinn,


"I think it's a reflection of the times. We're surrounded by violence every time we turn

on the news or read the newspaper, so it's only natural that some of our characters would

be a reflection of this bombardment. In the case of my book, Different Roads, violence was a necessary element in order to stay true to my heroine, who grew up with violence and abuse as major factors that shaped her personality. Although she has tremendous character growth before the book's end, she continues to struggle with her temper and a tendency she has to punch those foolish enough to anger her--and the one to do that most often is the man she loves. But as physical as their arguments are, their reconciliations are just as volatile, and their love for each other is never in doubt. As long as there's enough love to overshadow the violence, I think it can be used as a literary device to make for edgy, realistic love stories that can trigger intense emotions in readers, and that's always a good thing." Joyce Sterling Scarbrough, True Blue Forever, Different Roads


"I think it's because of a shift in the public's taste, and I think it's a trend that will change over time as trends tend to do. Perhaps it has something to do with the public perception that the world is more violent now than it used to be. There certainly seem to be more shows on TV that feature violence than there were in the past--look at the popularity of the CSI shows. Right now, it's what the public wants, and I can understand how the violence might be especially appealing in romances. After all, the violence in romances still leads to a happy ending, whereas violence in real life rarely does." Jenna Black,

Watchers in the Night, Secrets in the Shadows, 5/07; Shadows on the Soul, 9/'07, The Devil Inside (Bantam/Spectra urban fantasy), Fall '07,


"I think what you're seeing is more of what's been happening over the past several years--a blurring of genre lines. Romance is going farther and farther into thriller territory, capitalizing on an audience that likes a little murder and mayhem with their romance (or, in some cases, a little romance with their murder and mayhem). In my opinion, this is largely to build a reader base that includes the typical romance reader (many of whom have read so much they're also eager to branch out) while reaching out to new readers in the form of readers who are typically fans of other genres." Brenda Novak, Dead Silence, There's a body buried behind a Mississippi farmhouse...


"The romance novel cross-pollinates with many other genre--science fiction, fantasy, thriller, suspense, and mystery to name a few. Each of these other genres bring their own requirements in world building, violence, and other elements. Violence, in particular, seems to be a defining element for many romance writers who write grittier violence to offset the softer romantic elements in these cross-genre/cross-market novels.

"Will this trend continue? In the short term, yes, but long term as these cross-genre novels become more mainstream, romance writers will no longer need to prove themselves, and the violence will fit the book, not the need to be grittier than the average thriller or sf novel.

"As an interesting aside, romance's success has also caused another form of cross-pollination--the addition of strong female characters, romance, and lots of sex to the other markets." Marilynn Byerly, Guardian Angel, Star Crossed


"I write about violence/adventure and romance because women are more "doer"s today and many work in professions that have risk and danger involved. Every encounter with another person is a relationship of some sort, whether friendship, parent/child, adversary, or romantic, romantic being the ultimate relationship. Put them together and you have a good story." Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor, Unfinished Business


Are romance writers and their publishers going after more mainstream readers? With the exception of the Fern Michael's book, the covers are definitely not the typical romance cover. And neither is the back cover copy or endorsement blurbs.

When I asked Karen Kosztolnyik, Senior Editor at Warner Books that question. She responded: "How a book is packaged affects how it can be received by the reading audience. We have an author named Karen Rose, an up-and-coming star for Warner, who writes romantic suspense in mass market paperback. (Don't Tell, Have You Seen Her?) We package her books so they look like straight suspense, not like a romance at all. We have been hearing from bookstores that men are buying her books as quickly as women are. Part of the reason is that the packaging was designed to appeal to both men and women."

Romances like any other genre, reflect the world around us. Our concerns, worries, hopes and dreams are what influences the writers. As readers' tastes evolve so do their preferences in romance novels. Now what I hope never changes in a romance is the "happily ever after."

Brian Hill and Dee Power are the authors of Over Time,a novel. A story of lost loves, found glory, and business treachery. Time is running out for Dan to save the business that took his family sixty years to build. Kelly?s lifework crumbles around her. Mike thinks he?ll always be the guy watching the world from the sidelines. Mark dies just when his dream of playing football for the Green Bay Packers seemed within reach.

Then a letter lost for twenty years arrives and sends the game of life into overtime. It all comes down to a desperate financial gamble, a football game for the ages, and the emotional reunion of four friends who could not be separated by time, distance or even death. All this ?team? needed was a little more time than reality normally grants us.

You can reach Dee and Brian through their

Remembering Romance

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Go to work, cook dinner, watch some TV and then go to bed.  Your nightly routine with your spouse/partner is getting a little bland.  Before you know it, you’ve been stuck in a rut and where’s the romance?  In today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s easy to just hang out on the couch and the crash, but sometimes you need a little more.  Here are a few tips for finding the romance you’ve been missing in your 40-hour workweek in one weekend.

Your main goal should be to nurture your relationship rather than maintain your relationship.  It is inevitable that over time you are going to be busy with work and family and eventually sex is just something placed on the backburner.  This doesn’t usually occur with new relationships, but after you’ve been married awhile or even been dating awhile- your priorities in life begin to change.  In order to nurture your relationship, it is a requirement that you put as much energy into it as you did when the relationship began.  This not only applies to your sex life, but by making your spouse/partner feel as though you are genuinely trying to make them happy.  This may mean that you cook their favorite meal, even though it may be hamburgers, and inside you really want something different.

So, this weekend cook your spouse that meal they love.  Watch a romantic movie and then set your own mood in your own room.  Candles, satin sheets, soft music on the radio-whatever it takes to put both of you in the mood.  Have a glass of wine or champagne and celebrate the fact that you are actually getting to spend some time together.  In this moment together, emphasize what you know your partner enjoys and do it to the max.  They will return the favor and it will be a night of pure bliss.  Be sure to soundproof the room or send your kids off to grandma’s house for the weekend.  Plan to have the next day off together.  Sleep as late as you want and take the day to relax together.  Lay in bed all afternoon watching movies or just talking and hanging out. 

Enjoy the much-needed time together and try to do this as often as possible.  It may be difficult to find the time but plan a date night or weekend and take full advantage of it.

Posted by Valerie on Sunday, September 3rd, 2006 at 5:57 pm.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

That Your Hands Are Graceful and Kind

for Ellie

You left the overhead light on which burned
all night, till nearly morning, when Cedar
woke crying, perhaps hungry, and you turned
from your place next to me to feed her
if necessary, but mostly to let
her know that you were beside her and God
was in his heaven. Is it light that prods
us from our sleeping? Surely light begets
light and pulls us, as an infant is pulled
from the birth canal into waiting hands;
hands whose shapes are defined by that child’s shape
and in turn, define for that child, the world.
There’s little of this world I understand.
Only that your hands are graceful and kind
and lie like light against my chest while I sleep.

— Steve Kronen

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The Best Place to “Catch Up”

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With today’s busy lifestyles, it’s often hard to find time to catch up at the end of the day without the distractions of life…  Sitting down and having a true, focused conversation often gets pushed to the side as you discuss important issues during commercials, while emptying the dishwasher or while trying to avoid tripping over your kids’ toys. 

Here’s my suggestion:  Put your kids to bed earlier than you plan to go to bed each night (it’s good for their well-being and great for your marriage) and once they are asleep, take a shower with your spouse.  Turn off the lights, light some candles and spend the time relaxing and talking about your day.  You won’t have the distractions that you’d have in the living room or kitchen and you can spend quality time together before you turn in for the night.

Posted by Susan on Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 at 2:37 am.

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Romance - The 10 Biggest Misconceptions

Whether you've been in a relationship for over 25 years or are just starting out, we all have our own idea of what romance is. Romance is an essential element of every successful and passionate relationship. Usually relationships start with romance but life has a tendency to interfere. I have listed below what I believe are the 10 biggest misconceptions that people have about Romance:

1.Romance and Sex are the Same Thing: This could not be any further from the truth. Although romance can lead to sex, a person being romantic just for sex will be completely transparent and possibly backfire. Think of Romance as 'Mental Foreplay'. Romance let's your loved one know that not only did you think about them but you took the extra step to show them how much they mean to you.

2.Romance isn't important in a relationship: Between our jobs, hobbies, and all the other things that life throws at us, our relationship with our partner tends to take a back seat to those things we perceive as more important in life. The reality is that the relationship with our partner is the glue that holds everything else in our life together. Adding Romance to your relationship will not only make it more exciting but also more enjoyable.

3.Being Romantic requires a lot of money: Romance isn't about how much money you spend on your partner. It's about trying to make some of their fantasies and dreams come true. Most of the time just opening the door for your partner or complementing them on the way they look will make them feel more loved than buying them an expensive gift.

4.Romance requires a great deal of time and effort: While some aspects of romance can require lots of time, romance is also about the little things that make a big difference in a relationship. A simple thing like turning down the lights, putting on your favorite CD and dancing in the kitchen while dinner is in the oven exudes Romance and takes very little time and effort.

5.Only Women are Romantic: In most relationships, the woman is considered to be more romantic, however this does not have to be the case. Both men and women need to partake in the hunt for romance. The only difference between a romantic person and the unromantic person is the amount of time they devote to doing the little things for their partner and their relationship.

6.Flowers and candy always work: Although flowers and candy are a nice gesture, they are so commonplace. You can still give your partner flowers and candy but spice it up some. Try taking your partner to the place where you first met or kissed and present the flowers and candy to them there. Going that extra step and not stopping at ordinary makes all of the difference when it comes to Romance.

7.You're either born a romantic or you're not: The truth is, no one is born with a 'Romance Gene'. Everyone has to learn how to be romantic either from a book, the way your friends or family treat each other, movies, TV, or some other resource. One nice thing about Romance is that it is contagious, as time goes on you want to be more and more romantic towards your partner and chances are your partner will be more romantic in return.

8.Saying 'I Love You' is enough: Everyone likes to hear 'I Love You' but when it comes to Romance, actions can say more than a thousand words ever will. Being truly romantic is about backing up the words with something your partner will remember. Try something like writing 'I Love You' on the top of the stick of butter with a toothpick before setting it on the table for dinner.

9.Romance takes a lot of preparation: The nice thing about Romance is that there is no exact formula - what one person finds extremely romantic may not be romantic at all to someone else. The key to being Romantic is to find out what your partner finds Romantic. Don't be afraid to ask them, they will be glad you did.

10.Being Romantic on Valentines Day and Sweetest Day is enough: Being romantic on the days you are supposed to be is expected. Being romantic all year round on the other hand is vital to the overall health of you relationship. Every successful relationship needs impulsiveness and spontaneity - it keeps things exciting.

Bryan Heestand is the owner/operator of the vastly popular website is a simple, inexpensive, and convenient way to become more impulsive, spontaneous, and romantic all year long. Not only will remind you to be Romantic via email, they will also send you a Romance tip or idea along with the reminder. Copyright - All rights reserved. This article may be reprinted in full so long as the resource box and the live links are included intact.

The Bare Truth About Men and Romance

Romance is mostly made of candlelight dinners, a bunch of red roses, champagne and surprise holiday getaways. Does this definition represent how both men and women perceive romance? It is interesting that men do not equate love and romance to such clinches. Men put more emphasis on the daily subtle romantic gestures to their women. Men and romance is a topic you need to understand especially if you are hoping to live with your soul mate for a very long time. You do not have to wait for valentine's day for you to focus on romance, for serious lovers, every day is a loving day. The obligatory demo for love expected during valentine's day won't pass unhonored but it should not be restricted to only that day. Does your significant other impress you much or is a love card and a piece of chicken all you expect?

You must be feeling unlucky if you cross your fingers that he even remembers your birthday or even the significant valentine's day. If you are in such a state, i am afraid you must be complaining of lack of romance in your relationship. Many women always have the opinion that it is men who always blow it up but as a woman, have you ever thought of sweeping him off his feet? Men and romance always want to be together so you should learn to romance your guy, otherwise he will go around looking for it. Men also are in need of romance so do not make him look like the nasty one in a relationship. They are ready to solicit for romance from anywhere it can be found.

The relationship between men and romance is a tight one. Lets look for instance at a case where the man wants to keep the romance alive by introducing new exciting sex styles. After a long period of being married romance tends to die in a relationship and a dedicated man might want his wife to do some sexual activities on him contrary to the wives wishes. The perception of many women is that the husband is turning them into prostitutes. It is sad that most of them might assume that extreme sex overtures are not for them. To romance your man best, do whatever he wishes provided it does not hurt you. Be aware that what you won't submit to, your competitors are very ready to submit.

To men, romance is the ultimate demonstration of pure sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Men use romance to express love as is romancing is perceived to be the same as courting someone. Women expect all the loving from a man but they rarely reciprocate. Most of them are romance challenged. Women complain a lot since they have never understood the relationship between men and romance. He might have bought for you jewelry only once this year but he refills your gas cylinder every Sunday. He purchased for you a bunch of flowers only on valentine's day but he gives you pocket money every week. This is romance at it's best according to him and it is important to him because he sees it as courting which is a great part of every love story.

Francis K. Githinji Is A Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project Men and Romance Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success, Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At Men and Romance []